Mitja Hinderks, founder, UK and US board member, CEO, inventor of the key uncooled engine concepts, has over thirty years’ experience as an engineering, industrial and architectural designer / manager, on large and small projects.  He studied architecture at the Regent Street Polytechnic and engineering at the Open University, both in England.  Engineering includes major work on reciprocating engines, emission control systems, brakes, continuously variable transmissions, and advanced marine hull forms.  Architectural design includes the development of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA; other performance spaces; a 1,000-bed teaching hospital; universities; theme parks for Disney and Universal and high-end residences.  He is expert at achieving much on modest budgets.  Working briefly as a London photographer in the 70’s, he maintains a strong interest in the arts.

Archie Watts-Farmer, engine designer, received his MEng (Hons) degree at University of Bristol in 2004 before joining Atkins Ltd to work on the Airbus A380 Certification program. He then worked as a lead engineer / project manager on various Rolls-Royce engine programs including the Joint Strike Fighter LiftFan, the Harrier Pegasus engine and the A350 Trent XWB. In 2014 he moved to Brazil for a post-graduate degree in Offshore Systems Engineering at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, learning Portuguese and receiving a distinction including for a dissertation on Twin-Screw Multiphase Pumps. In 2016 he was appointed Team Attaché for the Fiji Olympic delegation at the Rio Olympics, acting as representative, guide and translator on a pro-bono basis.

Damien Gueydan, received his BSc and Msc at the French National Engineering School in Metz, where in his final year he designed a two-stroke engine, and an MSc at the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. He has worked in France for Schneider Electric and Sigedi Industrial construction on ground-coupled heat exchangers and heat transfer issues. In England he designed towers and masts for Design One Ltd and supervised their construction.

Jane Hobbs, has a BA in Mathematics with Education at the University of York, thereafter qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, whilst working for Touche Ross (now Deloittes) in Cambridge. Her career has been primarily been as a management accountant for small businesses employing up to 100 people, including lithographic printers (Colophon Design & Print), a direct mail house and most recently as a waste facilities management company (Prismm). She has also worked briefly in the charity sector and is involved with The Art Society Greenwich which arranges lectures in fine and decorative arts.

Paul Holden, MA (cantab) MSc CEng is a highly experienced systems engineer and an expert on heat engine thermodynamic design and performance.  After a long and successful career working with the Royal Air Force, the UK Ministry of Defense and Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Paul has been providing consultancy services on a wide range of high technology sectors including aeroengines, submarine control systems, guided weapons and satellite communications.

Jesse Jeune,  Outreach and Office Manager.  He has a BA in International Development & Sociology from the University of Sussex; his dissertation was on the Financialization of Nature, focusing on the relationship between capitalism and conservation.  He has worked in a variety of jobs, including a year with East African development projects on water exploration and rural farming in Northern Kenya.  An environmentalist, he is increasingly involved in the sciences and there ever growing relationship with the arts.

Bo Göransson, is the recently retired chief analyst and mathematical modeler at the corporate Development Center of leading bearing manufacture SKF, in Gothenburg, Sweden.  In addition to being an expert on gas bearings, he has the widest knowledge of applied mathematics, including kinematics and statics.  He is extremely meticulous, and has an eagle eye for spotting errors (an extremely valuable talent).

Charles Bragg Jr, board member, financial director. After graduating at Stanford, Chuck entered the securities industry at closely-held investment house Quincy Cass Associates. After retiring as a principal, he became active in the National Audubon Society, serving on the National Board of Directors for six years, and is currently the president of the Santa Monica Bay chapter. He currently volunteers for non-profit support groups involved in the arts, including the Los Angeles Opera and the Thornton School of Music at USC.

Gregory Smedley, board member, PhD Caltech, is founder of One-Cycle Control Inc, a designer/manufacturer of high-performance electrical power converters. He is overseeing the integration of electrical generators / controllers, as most first engine applications will be for hybrid electric drives and generator sets. Greg has lengthy experience in experimental research and commercialization, and has been principal investigator on US government work. He was awarded a prize by the military for best execution of a contract.

Christine Kerboull, Masters in law from Sorbonne, Paris and an MBA in finance from Columbia University, is advising on financial and funding issues in Europe. She joined Société Générale-Paris in 1988 in the Corporate Finance department, then moved to the bank’s Capital Markets department in 1998 and was subsequently appointed vice president in charge of small and mid-cap French IPOs. In 2001, she joined Cazenove to open their Paris office. From 2005 to 2011, she was Senior Banker with CACIB, responsible and developed relationship of mid-size companies. A year ago she started her own company, advising on financing issues for mid-size companies.

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Richard Kirk, UK and USA board member, PhD Cambridge on superconductors, developed new materials / measurement techniques for high energy laser physics and flash radiography, worked on printing technology for Crossfield Electronics, then Canon (Chief IP Officer Canon Research Europe), currently engaged in film and imaging techniques, awarded AMPAS Technical Oscar 2010, holding over thirty patents.

Luke McDonagh, UK board member, PhD University of London, is an academic researcher in the area of intellectual property law, with particular interests in copyright law, patent law and patent litigation, on which he has published articles in a number of respected peer-reviewed journals.

Charles Bragg Jr, US board member and UK main board advisor, who, after graduating at Stanford, entered the securities industry at closely-held investment house Quincy Cass Associates, thereafter retiring as a principal he became active in the National Audubon Society, serving on the National Board of Directors for six years, and is currently the president of the Santa Monica Bay chapter and presently volunteers for non-profit support groups involved in the arts, including the Los Angeles Opera and the Thornton School of Music at USC.

Advisory board members include:  Maria D’Orsogna, PhD UCLA, US board member, mathematics professor at CalState Northridge and UCLA, specializes in statistical mechanics, mathematical modeling; working from home, she successfully opposed an oil refinery in an historic town on the Adriatic coast (see her website, at “to oilmen”);

Simone Hochgreb, PhD, Professor of Experimental Combustion at the University of Cambridge, UK, who worked at MIT and Sandia National Laboratories on combustion problems in engines and gas turbines; and who is also part of the team working on the fuel delivery systems;

The consultant technical team consists primarily of experts in their fields, many senior academics at UK, French and Scandinavian universities; key specialists at potential product suppliers and at government research institutions including Swerea and IFP; and personnel from partner early-enabling companies.

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