The best way of helping the planet, in both private and business life, is to save energy everywhere, lower heating and air-conditioning, reduce waste, and cut the use of plastics.

The next best way is to support the Litus Foundation by providing loans or donations. UK and French residents could qualify for income-tax reductions, as advised by their accountants.

We are growing, and would welcome occasional focused advice on a variety of topics, including management; running a foundation; partnership arrangements; funding; intellectual property; engineering; and manufacturing.

Charity Registration Information

The Litus foundation

Registered: London

Charity Number: 1166853




Trachycarpus fortunei


22 Notting Hill Gate   Suite 65

W11 3JE London    UK

T +44 (0)20 7332 0228


38 rue des Mathurins

75008 Paris   France

T +33 (0)6 8872 6116


2355 Westwood Boulevard   Suite 352

Los Angeles   CA 90064   USA

T   +1-310-208-6606

F   +1-310-208-3335

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