Job Description

Mechanical Engineer – London

The Litus Foundation is looking for an experienced Mechanical Engineer / Engine Designer to join the team and deliver the prototype engine project.  The team currently consists of experienced engineers and is supported by consultants in the fields of combustion, metallurgy and tribology.  Therefore, the candidate must be able to work diligently with others, have an excellent grasp of fundamentals and have a broad engineering skillset which should include the following:

Kinematics, stress analysis, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, systems engineering and manufacturing processes.

5 years’ experience with combustion engines is a minimum requirement and the candidate must be able to prove expertise in aspects of the research, modelling and design.  Knowledge of fuel delivery systems, combustion and emissions control, tribology, turbo systems or electric generators is also desirable.

Competitive remuneration is offered, according to experience and ability.


Please send a cover letter and resume / CV to