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Key Team Members


Founder Mitja Hinderks, temporary CEO, has over thirty years’ experience as an engineering, industrial and architectural designer and manager, on large and small projects.  Engineering includes work on cooled and uncooled engines, emission systems, brakes and hulls; architecture includes design development of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, other performance spaces, hospitals, universities, and high-end residences.


Richard Chamberlain, Controller, with degrees from Cranfield and Harvard, directed development of important security product ranges and, working in Europe and the US, their rapid adoption in world markets. Earlier, he managed engineering oilfield evaluation projects for Shell and Schlumberger, including stints on oil rigs.   More recently he has analyzed and valued over $1 billion of large real estate developments, including for GE Capital.


Gregory Smedley, PhD Caltech 1990, founder of One-Cycle Control Inc, a designer/manufacturer of high-performance electrical power converters, who is overseeing work on electrical generator set applications.  He has over 25 year’s experience in multiple fields of experimental research and commercialization, including raising venture funding.  He is and has been principal investigator on several government contracts/grants with US government agencies in the area of power electronics.


Mattias Lövgren, business analyst, has many years’ experience building start-ups to viability, while obtaining a Swedish business MA and studying at UCLA.  He is now in Europe working on client / partner relations and recruitment,  undertaking business development and setting up a Litus office there.  It is due to open this autumn, managed by Mattias.

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The Advisory Board includes Ron Cohen, with thirty years’ experience with NASA, Northrop Grumman, JPL and elsewhere as a shuttle controller, systems engineer, team leader and software developer; Maria D’Orsogno, PhD UCLA 2003, mathematics professor at CalState Northridge and UCLA, specializing in statistical mechanics, mathematical modeling, simulations of biological and complex dynamic systems.  Retired investment banker Charles Bragg Jr advises on financial matters.  A former national board member of the Audubon Society, he now chairs the Santa Monica chapter, and volunteers with other Los Angeles area nonprofit arts organizations.


Consulting team members, all experts in their fields, include among others: leading materials scientists working in ceramics and crack propagation; a combustion specialist for whom a major aerospace company has built a laboratory in Europe; people responsible for the commercialization of electronic fuel injection; the heads of the Mechanical Engineering and the Materials and Manufacturing Departments at two noted California universities; a leading specialist in numerical analysis and air bearings partly working with SKF. A senior Renault engine designer is due to join the European office this year.

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On July 6, 2013

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